moritz peters, *1966 in munich.

1990 after a brief excursion to academics (studies of history) internship in the editing room at a commercial film production.

works as assistant film editor, e.g. in the three-hour film-portrait


1993 stay in new zealand and 1994 in new york. attends film workshops and takes courses in method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. photographs head shots of fellow acting students, edits a documentary and casually works in video libraries and record stores.

participates 1997 as a photographer on the photo event

PICTURES IN THE DARK, 100 DAYS - 1000 PICTURES (Phillip Morris).

learns 1998 at DasWerk in munich the craft of digital film effects, helps establishing the site of DasWerk in berlin - focus on digital intermediate workflow. does visual effects compositing on films such as GOOD BYE LENIN and shifts 2004 from compositing to color correction.

lives since 2001 with family in berlin and works as a freelance colorist.